The island of the “pink” dollar, or How to call the residents of the island of Lesbos

Do you know how residents of the Greek island of Lesbos are called in Russian? No, not a lesbian, but a lesbosian. And a man? It might be funny, but no – lesbosiets. But in English and so and so it will sound funny – “lesbian”. But this is not important – both those and these feel quite well, because the island is a major tourist and public center, attracting, first of all, the fair sex.

In antiquity, the island of Lesbos had a specific reputation. The ancient Greeks, who were not distinguished by their particularly strict morals, considered him a refuge of debauchery. Historians claim that even two thousand years ago, the island was a kind of center for sex tourism, where are they going, plowing the Aegean Sea.