“Iceman” Wim Hof, conquering the mountains in one shorts

Most people endowed with supernatural abilities cannot rationally explain the nature of their gift. But not the famous Dutchman Wim Hof, who for the amazing ability to endure extremely cold temperatures was called the “Iceman”. He is convinced that his achievements are accessible to everyone. A journalist came to him a couple of years ago, confident that Wim’s records were rigged. He intended to write a revealing reportage, but after several lessons he wandered through the snow with almost no clothes.

Wim owns a series of official world records. In 2000, he swam about 60 meters under the water of a lake covered with ice.

A few years later in Finland, beyond the Arctic Circle, ran a full marathon at a temperature of 20 degrees below zero. Only in shorts.

In 2009, two days climbed to the top of the volcano Kilimanjaro. In addition to shorts, he put on his shoes: before that, his attempt to climb Everest was unsuccessful due to the frostbite of his fingers.