Heroes not only in the movie: 16 stars who saved the life of another person

Do you think the stars can only make trouble, have fun and spend their millions? But it is not. There are several examples of how public figures committed a heroic act and saved the life of another person.
We offer to meet with the stars that saved other people. Believe me, after that you look at them with different eyes.

1. Harrison Ford

In 2001, a 13-year-old boy, Cody Clawson, was got lost in Yellowstone National Park and wandered around the area looking for help. The search group included many people; among them was the famous actor who flew over his own plane over the park in search of a child. It was Ford who saw Cody, who was shocked by who became his hero. Prior to that, the actor had already saved people – on his plane he took the girl from the mountain, she became ill.