After the offer to Reebok “sit down on the face of the man”, many refused to sneakers this company

The sports brand Reebok, well-known for its attractive and well-thought-out advertising, it seems stumbled. The new advertising project, designed to debunk stereotypes about “non-female” activities, naturally attracted the attention of the audience, only the effect of advertising was unexpected and not at all positive for the manufacturer.

The name of the project launched on the Internet by Reebok is #NIVKAKIYERAMKI. To prove to users that the division into “female” and “male” does not hold water, the project creators chose four heroines: Zalina Marshenkulova, creator of the telegram channel “Female power”, MMA fighter Yustyna Grachyk, European champion in wrestling Anzhelika Pilyaeva and candidate in the master of sports in boxing Isabel Magkoeva.