5 of the most ridiculous laws of the State of New York

Here you come to New York and think: “Here it is, a country of freedom! I breathe in and feel democracy! Finally, I can feel what real self-government is and “the power of the people, by the will of the people and for the people!”
Do not hurry. Since theoretically any citizen can be elected to the authorities, representatives of the people often had completely inappropriate ideas, which were then turned in the same laws. If we add to this the fact that adopting a law is much easier than abolishing it, it is not surprising that there are still a lot of laws of two centuries ago, when the culture and moral views of the local population were radically different from modern. So what should you fear during your trip to the “Big Apple”?

Yevgeny Krasnov, an adviser to the law office of Buzko & Partners, who is in New York and advises on US law, spoke about real legislative bans in the state of New York.